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Summer is a time for doing fun stuff outdoors, especially after cold, harsh weather. It is the perfect time to leave the house and do some traveling to make up for the time spent coop up inside the comfort of your home. Associated with summer is the scorching temperature that can damage the roofs. Too much exposure to the elements will cause your roofing materials to deteriorate, and heat plays a major role in the degradation of your roof system.

Unless proper precautions are taken, heat is likely to cause roof materials to change their structure. It is important to address any damage as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs down the line. There are a few common roof problems seen during summer. Knowing this will be able to keep you prepared.

Extended exposure to direct sunlight can dry out roof shingles. It can cause shingles to buckle and crack over time, welcoming every elemental danger present. Therefore, keeping them in check is significant in ensuring that your shingles are in good shape.

During the summer, there is still a high probability that a storm can happen. While these storms are usually short, they can always be disastrous. The mix of rain or hail combined with strong gusts of winds can tear your roof shingles, which will cause interior flooding. Because of the accumulated water, mold growth becomes a problem.

The heat caused by summer can cause moisture build-up. The temperature makes the air in your home humid that can weaken and shorten the lifespan of your roof. Consequently, moisture leads to moss or algae growth as they grow in damp and shaded environments. Usually, moss is not a huge problem. However, accumulated moss can trap moisture underneath roof shingles, which will eventually cause damage.

Insects and pests emerge from a winter resting phase in spring and summer to begin their winged adult life stages. Some even inhabit your properties. Each of them pests cause different types of damage to your roof. These pests include bees, rats, birds, squirrels, bats, mosquitoes, termites, and hornets.

To learn more about common roof problems seen in summer, click this infographic.