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Electrifying article today, let’s dig in and learn the facts and stay optimistic always.

Becoming  a social angler requires in-depth information is very important to  never stop learning at least getting the facts right.

Remember to become a good angler positivity is always the best policy.

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(1)  Black kingfishes are considered a prized mark species they can be found  globally in tropical, sub-tropical waters, and Eastern Atlantic region.

(2)They are well-thought-out as powerful fish and exhilarating to catch on hook and line.

(3)They have a torpedo-shaped body with an extended, depressed head.

(4)They have very small eyes with a broad snout.

(5)Their skin is embedded scales and is also very smooth.

(6)The body is mostly dark brown to silver, with paler greyish sides.

(7)They are carnivores they mostly feed on crustaceans, eels, jacks, croakers, and herring.

(8)They also tend to scavengers following turtles, and sharks, sneaking in to salvage whatever food are left behind.

(9)They  are considered an outstanding game fish and are highly prized by  anglers around the globe. It also serves as a good source of food fish  for human ingestion.

(10)They weigh an average of 100 pounds (ca. 45 kg).

(11)They can grow to a length of 20 to 60 inches (1.52 m).

(12) During a spawning season, they can spawn 10 million eggs a month during a complete spawning cycle.

(13) They have a life span ranging from 8 to years in the wild.

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