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(1)The Popeye Catalufa has a very strongly compressed oval body.

(2)They can grow to a maximum length of 16 inches (40.64 centimeters).

(3)Catalufa is a naturally nocturnal creature they prefer hunting during the that time enabling them to induce the element of surprise attacks.

(4)The Catalufa has a projected large upturned mouth which makes it very conspicuous .

(5)Catalufa also prefers living within and within rocky bottoms at depths of more than (880 ft. (ca. 268 meters)

Glotzaugenbarsch (Pristigenys serrula)

(6)Catalufa is rare they are normally considered to be a “catch and release” fishes due to their limited population.

(7)They normally appear uniform pink with faint dark bands on their sides.

(8)Catalufa has a very distinctive rounded caudal and pelvic fins with exactly 10 spines, their central spine is the longest still remains the best identification a Catalufa among other species of fishes.

(9)The Popeye Catalufa is an omnivore meaning if feeds both on plants and animals.

(10)They are mostly found in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.They are can live for more than 8 years in the wild.