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Carbon Steel API 5L x70 Pipe Specifications

The minimum yield strength for API 5L X70 steel pipe is 70,300 psi, or 485 Mpa. The carbon-manganese steels used in the modern X70 steel pipe are all regulated micro-alloyed steels. The major components of micro-alloys are Nb, V, and Ti, and their overall composition does not go over 0.15%. Because of this, the pipe’s structure is made of acicular ferrite and bainite, and it typically performs well during welding.

API 5L x70 Pipe Specifications:

a. High strength
b. High resistance to dynamic tearing
c. High low temperature impact toughness
d. Low ductile-brittle transition temperature
e. acid service suitability
f. Economy and long lasting

The qualities of the X70 Carbon Steel Pipe or API 5L L485Q steel pipe include toughness, dependability, and safety. The API 5L X70 steel pipe is non-combustible and is a provider of API 5L X70 PSL1 and PSL2 Carbon Steel Pipe. Even in tough climatic circumstances, X70 Line Pipe has good resistance to corrosion, and Grade X70 Pipe is suitable for sour service. The textile, dairy, oil and gas, petrochemical, sugar, paper, chemical, fertilizer, engineering, power generation, and nuclear sectors may all utilize API 5L grade x70 PSL2 pipes as fluid pipes, water pipes, line pipes, construction steel tubes, and piling tubes.

The API 5L X70 PSL 1 pipe’s ends can be square-cut, beveled, threaded, or completed with couplers. While the Steel Pipe Grade X70 connections might be simple, screwed, threaded, or beveled. API 5L gr. x70 pipes come in welded, CWD, ERW, fabricated, and seamless varieties. Additionally, the API 5L X70 ERW Pipe may be found in shapes such as hydraulic tubes, squares, rectangles, ‘U’ shapes, pancake coils, and coiled.

For an l485m steel pipe, the minimum yield strength requirement is 70300 psi, or 485 Mpa, while the minimum tensile strength needed is around 92100 psi, or 635 Mpa. The diameters of X70 Lsaw Pipe range from 18″ to 56″. The surface of tube API 5L gr x70 is treated with PE, anti-corrosion oil, varnish, tape wrap, FBE, 3LPE, 3LPP, coal tar, or black oil paint. They may also be painted a different color. API 5L X70 seamless pipes may have a concrete coating or be heat marked. Although the outside of these API 5L Grade X70 pipes can be coated or oiled, the buyer may choose to leave them bare and untreated.┬áBoth the hot and cold processes can be used to galvanize L485 pipes. Pipes that have been longitudinally welded and galvanized will have good corrosion resistance.