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There are many options in upgrading a vehicle’s appearance – add side trims, redo the interior carpeting, or give the exterior a new look. Nonetheless, it may be hard-pressing to find a more cost-efficient way to enhance the ride. It may be surprising, but why not try window tint? It’s affordable while eye-catching – it turns heads anywhere you go.

When you’re on a daily community, you probably notice tinted car windows on the road. The tint is a thin layer of film that adheres to both exterior and interior of glass surfaces, mainly the vehicle’s windows, and windshields. No matter what the car is made of, window tinting adds style. Plus, it provides a handful of benefits other than appearance enhancement.

While on the road, there’s a big chance of getting exposed to sun damages. Did you know, there are two types of violet radiation from the sun: long wavelengths of ultraviolet (UVA), and short wavelengths of ultraviolet B (UVB). They are both harmful to your skin, which may lead to severe issues, just like skin cancer.

The ca tinted windows protect its passengers – the glass around the vehicle is quite effective in blocking UVB rays from the interior. One might say that windshields can help prevent UVA radiation from passing through; however, side windows may not. Therefore, the more driving time is allotted during the daylight, the more exposure your skin will get from radiation.

Whichever side of your body is closest to the window will get the most damage.

Not to mention, the penetration of UV light from any glass source is prone to permanent skin damage. Thus, adding window tint is an affordable upgrade while protecting the passengers’ well-being. Applying window tint to your vehicle actively blocks UV rays; therefore, keeping passengers safer while on the road – ceramic, carbon, hybrid, and metalized tints are ideal for preventing UVA and UVB.

An all-leather interior can still dry out and crack – the luxurious appearance can get ruined. Rather than settling for discolored dashboards, consoles, and seat fabrics, `protect your car’s interior by applying window tint, cutting down the amount of damage from heat and UV light. Thus, an affordable and efficient way to solve the issue.

If you plan to tint your windows, you must know what rules and regulations that California implements about window tint installations. Here’s an infographic, brought to you by Global Tint USA.

california window tinting laws infographic image

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