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(1)Black rums are normally found within the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic coast.

(2)The black drum is chunky by nature with whiskers. Usually, black drums normally bronze-colored in nature.

(3)Black Drums preferred natural habitat is mainly crystal clear water, freshwater run-off, creeks, and rivers.

(4)They usually grow to length ranging from 12 inches (ca. 30 cm) to 25 inches (0.64 m) in length.

(5)The average weight of black drums ranges from 4 to 10 kilograms.

(6)Black drums usually feed on worms, small shrimp, small crabs, worms, small fish and mollusks and oysters.


(7)Black drums have developed chin barbels to used for sensing prey.

(8)These fishes are normally predated on by Sharks while the younger ones are preyed upon by other larger fishes.

(9)The black drum is also a culprit for making a drumming sound.

(10)The normally Spawning season for red drums occurs April each year and lasts for 3 months.

(11)A black drum takes 4 years to maturity. They have an average life span ranging from can live as long as 30 to 35years.

(12)Black drums have become a popular sport fish, the best time know using to catch a black drum usually using mainly soft crab to bait them.

Juvenile Black Drum Fish

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