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Applying The ACTNI Approach To Credit Card Use

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Using credit cards wisely and responsibly has its challenges. However, there are some approaches that can make this much easier. The ACTNI approach is one of these approaches. ACTNI stands for Ask, Communicate, Track, Negotiate and Improve. The ACTNI approach can be broken down as follows:

i) Ask – always ask your credit card provider about anything regarding their policy that you may not be well versed in

ii) Communicate – maintain a goo channel of communication with your card provider at all times

iii) Track – keep a goo record of your credit card expenditure to know whenever you will go over-budget

iv) Negotiate – whenever possible, negotiate for more favourable interest rates

v) Improve – work on consistently improving your credit score If you are interested in the ACTNI approach, you can learn more here.

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