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Nowadays in the marketer’s mind a question is present and the question is – In the covid corona crisis if I have to join the customers then what steps should I take? Marketing paradigm is having a shift. The reason behind this is that demand and supply in the market is having a shift because of remote working, self-isolating and social distancing. Now a big challenge is how the customers can be reached during the COVID – 19 crisis.

How will the national economy get affected by the coronavirus? America’s 92 % population is afraid of this. A roadmap during this crisis is required because prospects of business are influenced by the above-mentioned factors.

Now I am going to give you 7 expert tips on marketing during the coronavirus.

1.The consumers must be reassured that during the pandemic the company will give some response – Is it possible that in the pandemic situation any response will be given by the company? There is a need to give reassurance to the customers about this. A positive message should be given to them in a tone that is reassuring and calming. Some visuals that are embracing, warm and strong can be used in the form of a video to be shown to the customers. All these can be displayed on the Television.

2.You can remain in touch with customers by moving the brand online – ‘KEEP GOING’. This should be your theme. The customer experience can be unified if they are connected with you by keeping online the brand that you have. The data, website and your story need to be focussed. The strategy of keyword and content marketing must be revisited by you. If seeking specific information is to be contained in a topic then for that topic the tools for social listening and keyword research must be used. PPC must also be checked. Because of the fluctuation in term trends and search volume the relevancy will not be found in the keywords that were used by you 1 or 2 days before.

3.A sales process that is end-to-end must be relooked by refreshing strategies of customer experience – There is a requirement of 3 ways by which the strategy of marketers can be pivoted and it arises because the improvement of things is uncertain as a result of a lot of disruption by COVID – 19. The processes need to be optimized, various sales channels must be engaged, and agile responses must be given by the marketers. It is because the sales processes that are end-to-end must be looked at and customer experience should be refreshed by them.

4.Your customers’ relationship with you must be strengthened – Regular communication with the customers is necessary for you. With a more engaging transaction doing the business with the companies and maintaining a good relationship with them is the demand of today’s customers. You should start interacting with your customers in a very good way if you have not done it yet. You should also show some sympathy to customers. Triumph and caution related life stories are required to be exchanged with customers so that your relationship with them can be strengthened.

5.The communication used for marketing must include empathy in it – There is a need to focus on whether the marketing communications include empathy in it or not. If empathy is not included then it will be believed that the situation’s advantage is taken by you. The way in which new messaging is engaged by the people and message distribution in an automated manner are supported by the marketing technology.

If you want to remain joined with the prospects and customers always then the key part for this is the empathy. A good customer base and customer loyalty will be created by doing this.

6.For improving margins a pricing model that is strategic and agile must be implemented – Revenue can be protected as well as rapid changes can be made by the marketers if the data of the market and customer is seen by the use of tools for strategic planning made for short term.

Profitability of short-term can be achieved if at a price that is most profitable the services and products are offered and in a real time working condition.

7.During this crisis your company values must be reflected – Creativity should always be present in your mind at the top. The mission and values of marketers should always be reflected.   

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