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5 Best Weed Grinders in 2020 [Reviewed & Compared]

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A weed grinder is an essential piece of cannabis smoking and vaping for many reasons. For one, weed grinders enable you to break down cannabis flower into smaller pieces that you can use to roll a joint or pack a bowl. Without a weed grinder, you’re still able to use your fingers to crumble your flower, but your hands will be sticky with trichomes by the end. If you’re in the market for best weed grinders to make your smoking or vaping more convenient and efficient, you’ll want to understand the basics of how a weed grinder works and which type is best for you.

What do customers often consider when choosing a weed grinder?

  • Material: Grinders are made from several different types of materials, from acrylic, to aluminum, or anodized metals.  Most people prefer a metal grinder for their durability and feel.
  • Compartments: Many grinders come in several tiers of layers.  The multi-piece grinder often contains a compartment for kief and pollen, while the two piece grinder simply just grinders your herb.
  • Size: Portability and the amount of herb you can grind depend on size.  Large grinders can store and grind more herb at a time, but will be heavily and bulkier to carry around.

What are the benefits of a weed grinder?

If you are still thinking if you need a grinder or not and you do not possess one, then here are some of the main reasons that will convince you to go for the best weed grinder and make your life easier.

  • Enhanced quality of marijuana: This is one of the best benefits a weed grinder will have to offer you. The weed grinder is known to enhance the aroma and the flavor of the weed. The weed grinder will be able to unlock the properties that are impossible to do by your fingers alone.
  • Improved versatility: When you grind your weed in a grinder, you will be able to enjoy its versatility. The grinds will be able to be used in more ways than one and it all depends on how creative you are willing to get.
  • Increased potency: It is extremely useful to use a weed grinder if you want your marijuana to be potent. It does not matter whether you vaporize, ingest, or smoke the marijuana if you want a stronger kick, make sure to grind it first.
  • Saves a lot of time: leave it to the people who manually process the marijuana before its consumption and they will tell you how much they appreciate a good weed grinder and how much time they can save by using the grinder instead of doing it manually.

5 Best Weed Grinders in 2020 Recommend FOR you

ECO Farm Herb Grinder Rainbow Spice Grinder with Drawer

♥Unique design—The herb grinder 4 pieces & 3 chambers allows for grinding, storage, and filtration of pollen. Hand crank herb grinder increases the fun of grinding, transparent top allows you to observe the whole grinding process,Stretchable drawers allow you to take out the grinded things at any time
♥Multiple Functions—Ideal for grinding herbs, spices, tea etc. The herb grinder with powerful magnet lid helps considerably to reduce spilling and keep leftover herbs fresh and odor free.Mesh Screen of the grinder with handle filters very fine pollen, the little scraper included helps for powder collecting
♥High Quality & Durability— This spice grinder made of solid and durable zinc alloy metal. Correct size and thickness of grinder and teeth grants an easy and quick grinding experience.Thin Poly O-Ring for smooth grinding and less friction, more durability
♥Perfect Size— 2.48 X 3.11 inch, exquisite and compact, easy to carry. This grinders for herbs 4 piece design disassembles easily, providing for easy use and cleaning grinder herb

Cali Crusher 4 Pieces Herb Grinder

Cali Crusher brand products are quickly becoming renowned for their amazing quality, yet affordability. This Cali Crusher 4 piece grinder features four stages, perfect micron count screen, razor sharp teeth, and neodymium magnetic closure.

Golden Gate Grinders 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum Grinder

The Golden Gate Grinders 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum Grinder is the best of the best, the cream of the top, the alpha and omega of weed grinders. This weed grinder by Golden gate grinders makes the top of the list because it has a durable construction along with a very powerful performance and this is why the Golden Gate Grinders 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum Grinder is always on the top of the competition in the weed grinder market. This weed grinder from golden gate grinders is made up of the maximum strength aluminum which is used in aircraft. This aluminum is very tough but at the same time, it is extremely lightweight which means you will have no difficulty carrying it around.

Kozo Grinders Herb Grinder

When we decided to compare the Kozo Grinders Herb Grinder to the previous version of the weed grinder from the same manufacturer, we came to the conclusion that this weed grinder by Kozo grinders has a completely new and an improved design that stands out in the market of weed grinders. The removable mesh screen is one of the most notable additions that has been made by the manufacturer in the all-new Kozo Grinders Herb Grinder and the mesh screen is deeper than when compared to the previous edition of the weed grinder from Kozo grinders. As the Kozo Grinders Herb Grinder became deeper, it will allow carrying more weed in the weed grinder by Kozo grinders and you do not have to worry about getting another container for your weed because of it.

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

If you are running on a tight budget and are only looking for options that are not very pricey and are in your range but can also do a very good job at grinding your weed perfectly, then the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder is one of the best options that you have to consider when you go looking for a weed grinder in the market which fits your budget but gets the job done as well. Just because the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder is affordable to most of the people out there does not mean that the performance of this weed grinder from Platinum grinders has been compromised in any shape or form. The Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder has been specifically manufactured by the creators to be the most precise weed grinder in the market. The manufacturers have given their attention to detail which makes the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder one of the most precise weed grinders in the market.


Depending upon what you’re looking for, there is a weed grinder here for everyone. Each grinder that is featured and top-rated has separate chambers and spill-proof technologies to help the sad story of spilling your buds. Most containing pollen and keef catchers have become an all-time favorite to top your blunts with the sweet taste, for an enjoyable experience.

As all of these grinders are at a great, affordable price, they have become incredibly ideal for the assistance in packing a bowl or rolling a joint. So why wait any longer when we just narrowed down your shopping time, since all of the best weed grinders for Sale are listed here.

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