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5 Best pH Meter for Hydroponics – You Must Have it!

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Have you ever noticed how plants grow without soil?

Well, we can tell you how. Hydroponics is a method that helps plants grow in a water-based solution or a solution high in nutrients, but without soil.

If you want to experiment with this, then let us help you find the best pH meter for hydroponics.

A pH meter helps you monitor the growth process and germination of the plants. Your plants need minerals and an adequate level of temperature to grow.

Why is pH important in hydroponics?

pH is a measure of acidity. The pH of your garden matters to your plants because it determines how well your plants will be able to absorb nutrients from your hydroponic nutrient solution. Nutrients react with the molecules in your water differently at various pH levels, becoming more or less available to your plants for absorption. Most of the nutrients your plants will need are most available at roughly the same pH level, which gives you your ideal pH range for the water you input into your farm. This is usually between 5.5 and 6.5.Advantage of Using a pH Meter

Today, you can find many devices for measuring the pH level of something. But when you look around, it’s easy to see why a pH meter is better than the rest.

There are many advantages of using a pH meter over a pH testing strip or some other form of measurement.

One of the main reasons is that a pH meter is much more accurate than a strip tester is. Once you calibrate your meter, it gives you a straightforward reading that’s understandable. There’s not really any room for doubt or confusion.

Using a pH meter is also just very objective compared to reading a color pH testing strip. These strips tend to vary by color and brand, so getting a reading depends on how you think the colors look.

A pH meter just gives you a simple number that’s easy to understand and the same across the board.

A pH meter also has the advantage of being reusable. You don’t have to throw it away after a single use like most pH measuring tools.

You can measure with a single meter as many times as you like, saving you money and convenience.

5 Best pH Meter for Hydroponics Recommend for you

ECO Farm 4 in 1 PH/TDS/EC/Temperature Tester Meter

  • Measuring range: pH:0.00-14.00pH;
  • TDS: 0-19990ppm;
  • EC: 0-19990muS/cm
  • Resolution: 0.01 pH;
  • 1ppm; 1muS/cm; 0.1℃; 0.1degF
  • Accuracy: pH: +/-0.01 pH; TDS/EC: +/-2%; Temp: 0.5℃
  • Batteries: 3 * 1.5V LR44 button cell
  • Temp.: 0.1-60.0℃; 32.0-140.0degF
  • Calibration: pH: three points automatic calibration (6.86 & 4.00 & 9.18pH);
  • TDS: 1413muS/cm;
  • EC: 1413muS/cm
  • Auto shut off: 5 Minutes

VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo

● Great for all home and laboratory TDS & pH testing applications including aquariums, swimming pools
● pH meter: Full measurement range of pH 0 – 14, reliable and quick readings
● 3-in-1 TDS meter: Measurement Range 0-9990ppm, 0-9990µs/cm; Accuracy ± 2%, 0.1- 80.0°C, 32.0-176.0°F.
● Comes with protective case; Lightweight, handheld design for portability and convenience

Pancellent Water Quality Test Meter TDS PH 2 in 1 Set

● [ How Accuracy] PH resolution is 0.01pH,accuracy ±0.01pH.TDS:0~9990 ppm, Accuracy: ±2%.This’s same as big brand resolution, but Pancellent tester only need half price of them.
● [ Lasted Model ] PH pen have AUTO CALIBRATION function, not need any kind of screwdrivers to calibrate the pH pen tester.TDS pen have Lock & auto shut off function.
● [ Pocket Portable ] Small size but Suitable for testing pH balance of drinking water, pool, aquarium, RO system, Spa, or hydroponics.
● [ Money Back Guarantee ] Pancellent (Plan of excellent) to provide 30 days Money Back Guarantee and 120 days Replacement Service.

Apera Instruments A1209

The Apera Instruments A1209 is one of the best pH meters for hydroponics.

It’s manufactured by Apera Instruments, famous for scientific innovations. To your surprise, the range of their products is available across 50 countries, and they’re further expanding their operations.

A1209 is a PH20 tester, making it feasible to measure the pH levels. It has a long battery life, meaning you won’t have run every other day to grab a new set of batteries as it lasts up to 2000 hours. Great, isn’t it? For a smooth experience, this pH meter also offers two years unlimited warranty.

Bluelab pH Pen for Plant Germination

PENPH can help you measure the pH levels, which is important to determine the condition of minerals because plants get their nutrition from the available minerals.

Is manufactured by Bluelab, a brand based in the United States, famous for manufacturing various water-based plant growing systems. Bluelab has produced various types of pH meters, but PENPH is one of their most popular products.

Are you wondering what’s different in this pH meter? Well, it helps to determine whether the present solution is acid or alkaline. Just like other pH meters, it also determines the temperature of the solution.

Final thoughts

A well-monitored hydroponics farm provides your plants with the optimal ecosystem for healthy development. Choosing a Best pH Meter for Hydroponics is important, wish this post can help you make a best decision.

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