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(1)The European Conger is mostly found within Europe, Africa Asia and some regions in North America.

(2)The European Conger has a distinctively eel-shaped body with a taper at the tail end.

(3)The European Conger has its rostrum in various colourations grey or brown colored skin.

(4)The European Conger measures approximately 4 ft (121.92 cm). long.

(5)The European Conger’s weight ranges between 10 and 40 lbs.

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(6)The European Conger makes of various habitats, but they prefer saltwater habitats.

(7)These creatures are carnivores and feed on mainly, crabs, shrimp, worms, and squids.

(8)The European Conger’s ability to reproduce is dependent on Climate change, temperature, and acidity.

(9)The European Conger hunt at night prefers live solitary only congregate when it is ready to spawn.

(10)The European Conger reproduces mainly via spawning.