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Fishing apps are currently emerging technological trends due to the civilization of the human race. Since the creation of the planet-hunting and fishing has been an age-old activity.

Currently, in 2020 the world had seen so much in terms of technological breakthroughs in fishing. Today it is possible to do so much with just any good fishing app downloaded on any mobile device.

Fishing apps have become an important addition to every modern-day angler’s bag of tricks and also skill-set. 

Today’s article is a feature of the current emerging trends with, technological progressions with regards to fishing as a sport.

Every social angler requires in-depth knowledge of fishing.

Fishing technologies have become a requisite tool for present-day anglers and fishing thrill-seekers.

 I have compiled a recent list of some of the most promising fishing apps you should definitely watch out for in 2020 and beyond enjoy.

The first on the list is.

1.FISHSURFING Availability: (iOS, Android: free).

For iOS at

For android at

FISHSURFING – social network for fishing – Apps on Google Play
FISHSURFING The fastest growing fishing social network. Share your catches, experiences and findings with fishermen all…


Currently ranked is the fastest budding fishing social network with the easiest to use the fishing app for sharing catches, fishing experiences and new findings with experienced fishermen all over the globe that is amazing.

The  FISHSURFING platform is enabled with features for discovering new fishing locations and finding the best local guides in Europe to assist you in finding the great catch you dream about.

The platform is also a good place to make friends new friends discover different fishing cultures around the world making this fishing app the best in the world of fishing currently.

This fishing app provides a complete fishing experience and is currently one of the most popular mobile apps on the market; it has the potential to become the leading application according to experts in the technological industry.

FISHSURFING is currently number 1 in Europe and number 1 in the world when it comes to the services, of using fishing guides.

The application is the best Fishing Guides in Europe.

Major functions of the application

Local Fishing through the Entire of Europe Guides:

What the team at FISHSURFING has done is to provide a tailored local guide in all the countries in Europe to help make the fishing experience worthwhile.

Fishing Professionals:

The app provides an opportunity for the user to create their business profile and guess it is free with no hidden cost serving as a market place to offer your services a huge client base of fishermen all over the world.

Fishing Shops:

Worry no more, about finding the right fishing equipment.

Just use FISHSURFING to find — fishing rods, fishing, and gears.

Understanding Each Other:

The application has an impressive translation feature.

Fishing Events:

If you love fishing and want to keep up to date with competition and events then your best bet is FISHSURFING.

The Gallery:

A neatly designed gallery with a powerful filter to display high-quality images of some of the world’s biggest fishing catches.

The blog:

The application gives you the power to blog and shares your own fishing stories and experiences just the way you like with other fishermen.

2.Fishbrain App (iOS, Android: free)

What it does:

Fishbrain allows fishing enthusiasts to share catches, fishing news, and comments reachable to just the community.

Information about baits and techniques is accessible on the platform.

This excellent resource for fishing enthusiasts who want to try out something new.


For iOS at

For android at

Fishbrain – local fishing map and forecast app – Apps on Google Play
Millions of anglers use Fishbrain to share their fishing activity and connect with like-minded anglers with our social…

Millions of anglers use Fishbrain to share their fishing activity and connect with like-minded anglers with our social…

3.Fishidy App (iOS, Android: free)

What it does:

The application permits members to use all the features.

Fishing enthusiast keeps data of catches, trip, and share them with friends and family.

The application also allows fishing enthusiasts the right of entry to hundreds of tips.

The Fishidy application is a comprehensible map-based fishing log. The application is easy to use. Find the best fishing spots and cast with confidence.

For iOS at

For android at

Fishidy: Fishing Hot Spot Maps, Reports & Tips – Apps on Google Play
Find the best fishing spots and cast with confidence. Fishidy is the only fishing app powered by Fishing Hot Spots® – a…

4.Navionics App (iOS, Android: free)

What it does

Navionics is a global leader in nautical graphs; the mobile app contains access to an all-inclusive library of charts and maps. They offer several different plans comprising a Navionics+, which reveals exciting features like Sonar Chart to create a more accurate chart.

The application allows fishing enthusiasts to access globally.


For iOS

For android at

5.Deeper App (iOS, Android: free)

What it does:

The application is a ground-breaking sonar device that provides an accurate detailed underwater map to any mobile device.

It also provides important information such as depths, bottom composition, fish location, water temperatures, weather, and more. This one of the best applications on the market.


For iOS

For android at

Deeper Smart Sonar – Apps on Google Play
Map the waters you fish and maximize your catch rate with the Deeper Smart Sonar fishing app. The original Deeper Smart…

6.Pro Angler (Android, iOS: Free)

Pro Angler – Fishing App
The Most Complete Fishing App Available. Weekly Reports, 60K+ Fishing Hot Spots, Fresh to Salt we have you covered…

What it does

The application makes available a wealth of resources to users, for checking out weekly updates of the current trends in their region or locality.

They have bonus features including guides to how to tie knots, rigs, and gears.

7. Fish Track (Android, iOS: Free)

FishTrack – Charts & Forecasts
FishTrack provides saltwater anglers with everything they need to find fish. The FishTrack app offers Cloud-free Sea…

What it does:

This an amazing application intended for mostly saltwater anglers, providing enough data such as sea external temperature charts , satellite descriptions, and weather forecasts exhibited on a covered map for stress-free reference out on the water.

In accumulation to the route-finding data and weather forecasts.

8. Fishing Points (Android, iOS: Free)

Fishing Points – Fishing App
Fishing Points app enables you to save and find your favourite fishing locations, trotlines and trolling paths. Enjoy…

What it does

Fishing Points makes available a resourceful toolkit of useful info for fishers.

There is a feature for favorite saving your fishing spots, and trawling paths.

With assistance of Google Maps it helps help you get back to just the right spot.

You can create a catch log for everything you manage to catch during your fishing trip with wide-ranging with catch photos.

9.Fishing Calendar(Android, iOS: Free)

What is does

Fishing Calendar Pro
Fishing Calendar is an advanced Solunar prediction calendar that will help you find the best fishing locations. We… Calendar – Apps on 

Google Play
Fishing Calendar is an advanced Solunar prediction calendar that shows you the best fishing times for any location at…

What it does

Fishing Calendar is an app that will help you plan your fishing by pointing out on which days and at what time fish bites more frequently. The app is also based on solunar data, which is a proven method of learning the time fish and animals are feeding.

In addition, Fishing Calendar is an extended fish log that allows entering the size of your catch, length, bait and so on. So just one more solunar theory based app!

10. Fishing Knots(Android, iOS: Free)

Fishing Knots Mp-Fish
Fishing Knots” – is a program for your mobile device, showing how to tie knots. Among the many knots fisherman should…

Fishing Knots – Apps on Google Play
“Fishing Knots” – is a program for your mobile device, showing how to tie knots. Among the many knots fisherman should…

What it does

Fishing Knots is a guide that will help you learn how to tie fishing knots and choose the right ones for each type of fishing line. The app includes detailed step-by-step instructions with illustrations of how to tie a certain knot and detailed descriptions of each knot. So if you want to master your knot-tieing, download this app and start doing it!

11. iAngler Tournament (Android, iOS: Free)

What it does

 iAngler Tournament is a  mobile app  is designed to help tournament organizers and participants track  and log their catches, with users able to take photos and log  measurements of a catch while still out on the water. In addition to the  tournament management and leader board options, the app also takes the  data gathered on fish caught and provides it for scientific research and  stock management, with organizations such as the Florida Fish and  Wildlife Conservation Commission using the data in stock assessments and  habitat mapping.