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The success of the Subsistence Division in meeting the challenges of the battle was noted by Secretary Stanton, who noticed in 1865 that no operation carried out by the Union Military failed on account of the division being unable to fulfill its obligations. It was also responsible for the procurement of horses to drag artillery till June 1861 when the Quartermaster Division took over that job. Nevertheless in contrast to with the other provide departments, the ordnance division didn’t commission any Volunteer officers to this function, instead relying on ORRD officers or (at division stage and beneath) relying on Regular officers filling the role as performing ordnance officers or combining the position with the assigned quartermaster.

Eventually in January 1863 a permanent workplace of the IG was established in Washington, and it was from right here that the process of exerting a centralized control over IGs in the sector and crafting standard policies and procedures was began. Even in peacetime the dimensions of the ORDD was inadequate, as fifty-six officers alone would’ve been required to carry the arsenals to their full authorized power, and ( it proved insufficient once the war started.

Nevertheless this firm was by no means formed, and the precise dimension of the Corps shrank as a quantity retired, died, defected to the Confederacy or became common officers of the Volunteers, until eventually the remaining officers were absorbed by the Corps of Engineers. Nonetheless, a mixture of officers from the Regulars, Volunteers, and Invalid Corps have been also detailed to the PMGB to meet a number of rolls. In August 1861 Congress elevated the authorized variety of officers to forty-5: the Chief of Ordnance (brigadier general), two colonels, two lieutenant colonels, 4 majors, twelve captains, twelve first lieutenants, and twelve second lieutenants.

Myer continued to marketing campaign for a extra formal and everlasting Sign Corps, which was lastly granted by Congress on March 3, 1863.