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Every homeowner can suffer from various plumbing emergencies that can inconvenience them and cause significant problems in the long-run. Some people might even opt to fix their plumbing themselves, causing more issues through faulty repairs.

There are many different plumbing problems that homeowners can face.

Clogged sinks are one of the most common problems faced by homeowners everywhere as the sink fails to drain the water efficiently. Using the kitchen sink will essentially become impossible as the clog keeps the water from draining efficiently. In some cases, the water flow may come to a stop altogether.

Clogged toilets are another common occurrence among homeowners, especially since their toilets are among the most used fixtures in a home. Toilets can make strange noises, suffer from leaks, and refuse to flush altogether.

Even bathtubs and shower drains can clog and keep the water from draining when bathing. When the water starts rising to your ankles, you’ll surely have a problem.

One common problem that can also pose a problem on a homeowner’s water bill is leaky faucets and toilets as water continuously drips. Rust and mold can form and grow, respectively.

Water heaters can also fall victim to plumbing issues as they suffer from leaks. You might suddenly find yourself lacking a steady supply of hot water and wasting significant amounts of money on water heating. Homeowners can easily replace their leaky water heater valves, but a new water heater is needed if the water heater wall has rusted completely.

Washing machine hoses are the weak links of the sturdy washing machines and can pose a problem like molds or rust.

Besides the six plumbing emergencies mentioned above, there are four more common plumbing issues that homeowners frequently face. Broken water lines, burst pipes, lack of hot water, and sewer system backups are the last four problems that people can face. If you cannot handle these problems yourself, you will likely need the services of a reputable plumber to handle the ten most common plumbing problems that homeowners can face.

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